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With their bullet-proof construction, and extraordinary audio performance to rival their looks, finally there’s a direct box worthy of the dbx name. I agree, a passive DI box greatly reduces any coloring that transformers or active circuits could add. Features include low-distortion passive circuitry that doesn&39;t require power, a -20 dB or -40 dB pad switch to prevent clipping, a ground-lift switch to defeat ground-loop hum, and a. This DI box is easy to hook up, just plug into the ¼-inch in, and hook an XLR cable to the out and run it to the mixing board. unit in another box for shipping. The PDI09 is not suitable for direct connection to a guitar.

Available in four different models, the MDB Series will give you the peace of mind that your sound will faithfully get to your audience the way that you hear it on stage. A passive DI box has the advantage of being slightly lower in cost (less electronics, no battery facility) but their performance is highly dependent on the connected impedances. Print the RA number clearly on the outside of the shipping box. Offering two channels, the DJdi easily solves the problem of converting unbalanced signals into balanced output suitable for use with mixers, PAs, recording consoles and more. Also for: Ultra-id di400p. Using passive DI’s with Line level signals is a little tricky because at a high level, a cheap direct box transformer may saturate and distort the sound. . View and Download Behringer DI400P user manual online.

Pure Sound of the Instrument. audio into a mixer’s microphone input. MDB-1P Passive Direct Box An essential tool for every musician and engineer, the MDB-1P Passive DI has everything you need to adapt unbalanced, high-impedance audio to a balanced, low-impedance output with minimal noise. The xxl IMP 2 converts a line or instrument level unbalanced signal to a low impedance mic level balanced signal Video. A DI Box Like No Other - Available in both Active and Passive circuit options Whether you play guitar, bass, keyboards or another stringed instrument, you&39;ll need a direct box that won&39;t diminish your instrument&39;s tone, like the Direct Box Active and Direct Box Passive from Warm Audio.

The unit shall also provide a 1/4" TRS jack in parallel with the input to act as a link for line. It works with each of the following: • Electric guitars, basses, and keyboards. Reversible rack ears and internal headers allow the user to be flexible in their choice of operating mode and mounting position. The Kemper DI box has 12 resistors and 2 capacitors. The Radial JDI is a passive direct box designed to handle extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind.

Integrated filter circuits simulate the authentic "speaker" sound. The SPDI passive direct box from Live Wire Solutions features a 1/4" high impedance instrument input and output plus balanced and floating low-impedance XLR output that ignores +48V phantom power. I’ve outfitted a couple passive DI boxes with stereo 1/8″ jacks in parallel with the 1/4″ jack for easily connecting laptops or other remote audio devices to the board in mono (thus. The Radial Pro D2 is a pro-quality compact stereo passive DI.

We offer single and dual channel active and passive DI boxes, 4-channel and 8-channel rackmount DI boxes and a reverse DI box that converts balanced signals to unbalanced ones without mismatch. A DI-box lets you directly tap into a high-impedance, unbalanced signal— for example, the signal between a guitar and a guitar amp. The Samson MD2 Pro Professional Stereo Passive Direct Box offers a variety of DI. It features an isolation transformer that transforms an instrument-level signal to a line-level signal. The output of the DI box shall be via an XLR connector. AR-133 Active DI Box / Line Balancer.

A passive DI box has the advantage of being slightly lower in cost (less electronics, no battery facility) but their performance is highly dependent on the connected impedances. The Kemper DI box is a great design and well built specifically for profiling. With a passive DI box, the connected load impedances (ins and outs) alter the bandwidth, frequency response, distortion, etc. Passive DI box especially designed for guitars. Include with your unit: a note with the RA number and your contact information, including a return shipping address (we cannot ship to a P.

View and Download Behringer Ultra-Di DI600P user manual online. Following in the footsteps of the JDI Duplex, the Radial Pro D2 is a high-quality compact passive 2-channel stereo direct box designed for keyboards, DJ equipment and guitars and priced to be attractive to regional sound companies and project studios. Featuring a 1/4" high-impedance input and thru with -15db pad and a balanced XLR output with ground lift.

With its parallel ¼" In and Out jacks, the DI400P allows you to plug in yo. It also converts any unbalanced signal to a balanced signal thereby eliminating unwanted noise. In this video I talk about my favorite direct box. Samson’s S-Max Direct Boxes combines premium sound circuitry with durable, roadworthy construction to provide high-quality signal connection solutions for live and studio applications. You Won&39;t Pay a Lot for this 2-channel Passive DI!

IMP 2 - Built rugged on the inside and outside, this is the world famous DI found in pro systems everywhere. In general, a passive DI will offer a “rounder” tone, while an active DI will provide more high-frequency content—much like the sonic distinction between tube and solid-state preamp design. The Sidekick Passive DI Box by Hosa Technology makes it easy to connect your guitar, bass, or keyboard xxl di passive box manual directly to a mixing console! One look at our new dB10 Passive and dB12 Active direct boxes will tell you that these are clearly different. Passive DI gives you level control to xxl di passive box manual tame hot signals from high output instruments. This is from a sound tech perspective (not a musician).

A DI box (also called direct box, direct injection, or direct input) is a transformer-based module that converts an instruments high-impedance, unbalanced signal to a low-impedance, balanced signal. When the impedance on the mixer side of a passive DI-box changes, the impedance on the input changes also. Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P Injection Box: User Guide. The 2-channel passive DJdi is designed to be used as a standard tool for many audio applications. We also recommend getting on the online audio gear forums to see what live sound and studio professionals are using. MDB Series Direct Boxes Ready For Anything.

If the instrument’s signal is too hot, the attenuator switch can cut the signal down to more normal levels. Linear from 20Hz-18kHz, with low distortion and virtually zero phase distortion makes it perfect for live or studio performances. We have added a switchable low pass Filter that cuts out all very high frequency interference. See more videos for Xxl Di Passive Box Manual.

Print your return shipping address on the outside of the box. I found it hard to believe it didn&39;t have some sort of direct power source because my guitar signal was WAY stronger, so much so that I had to turn my trim knob all the way down on my audio interface to keep it from clipping (I didn&39;t use the pad). If and when they DO overload, passive DI’s produce a pleasant “saturating” distortion, while active DI’s have a much harsher sound, similar to digital clipping. The ART DUALZDirect Professional Passive Direct Box is the 2-channel version of the ART Zdirect. The xxl di passive box manual Active Direct Inject box shall provide a transformer balanced and isolated feed from a source input via a 1/4" TRS jack or 3-pin XLR-type connector. A passive DI-box is more affordable, but its. The RNDI’s signature sound is the product of new custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers. Both can be connected to one of the console’s mic inputs.

Variable attenuation provides maximum input flexibility, while Lift mode severs ground connection between the input and the XLR output. What further sets the Zdirect apart from other “DI” boxes are its extended features and versatility. A passive DI-box is more affordable, but its performance is dependent on the impedance of the device to which it is connected. At the heart, the Radial JDI employs the world class Jensen JT-DB-EPC audio transformer delivering a smooth, warm sounding Bessel curve, reminiscent of the finest vintage gear. xxl di passive box manual From acoustic guitars to laptops, always sound your best with MDB Series Direct Boxes. Our DB500 Passive DI Box converts any high-impedance 1/4" source to a low-impedance XLR signal ready to send via a long cable run to a mixer or PA system.

The ProDI is a passive direct box designed for use on stage or in home recording studios, with the ability to handle high output instruments without distortion, and a transformer-isolated output to eliminate noise from ground loops. The E580 offers eight channels of passive DI box in a 1U rack mounting format for applications where rack space is limited and multichannel operation is required. The PDI09 can be connected between an effect device or amplifier and the mixing console.

DI400P recording equipment pdf manual download. 9 of the resistors appear to be 1&92;4W metal film, and 3 are zero ohm resistors of the same size (and probably. When the impedance on the mixing console’s end changes. Palmer DI boxes feature top-quality transformers and rugged construction for reliable operation on stage, in the studio and home recording applications. If you want you can use the ¼-inch out to send the signal to your onstage amp too. There are active and passive DI-boxes. ULTRA-DI DI400P High-Performance Passive DI-Box The DI400P from Behringer is a passive direct box that facilitates connecting instruments to mixers without losing tone. It&39;s a high-quality totally passive interface that lets you connect instrument, line, or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced input thru a high performance audio isolation transformer.

By the way: there are two basic types of DI boxes, passive and active. Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P Direct Box: User Guide. Such DI-boxes only function properly when the connected impedance values are strictly specified (high at the. Passive DI’s typically have far more headroom than active DI’s, and can therefore handle hotter signals without overloading. In this short video we explore the features of the ULTRA-DI DI400P Passive DI-Box. Rated 5 / 5 Massive Difference for DI Guitars First off this thing is FAR better than the Radial DI Passive Box. Not only that, the frequency response changes, too.

A high-quality, passive direct box that uses 2 proprietary custom-made transformers, one for each channel, for both impedance conversion and isolation. This Bessel filter on the output is placed out of the audio range and is primarily intended to reduce radio frequency interference before it gets. .

Xxl di passive box manual

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